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Helping the Seminary

Andrewes Hall is able to fulfill it's mission through a combination of student tuition and donor support. Many students in other seminaries have to obtain significant financial loans to afford the cost of tuition creating a burden on the student, their families and eventually their future congregations. At Andrewes Hall we work very hard to control our costs while providing maximum value to our students through a low cost tuition program. However, there are a number of ways for the friends of the seminary to help partner with us in this venture.

First and foremost, we sincerely ask for your prayers. Without the Lord's provision, our labors will truly be in vain.

Second, for parishes that would like to support a specific student directly, we have instituted a matching grant program. For any church that would like to contribute up to $500 a year, the seminary will match this gift as a discount for any full time student (please contact the seminary for details).

Third, the seminary would like to build a library that could provide additional resources for our students. We have currently established two programs for those who would like to help us with this goal:

The Lancelot Andrewes Book Fund. This program has been initiated to acquire books by and about Lancelot Andrewes and other Anglican divines. One goal of this program is to acquire a set of the fifty-four volumes published by the Parker Society in the 19th century. These volumes contain the works of the English Reformers of the sixteenth century and will provide our seminarians with outstanding material to assist in their study of the English Reformation.

General Book Donation program. For anyone with books about Christianity, other religions, history or philsosphy, the seminary would be pleased to accept direct donations of these books for our library. In the event any of the books are already in house at the seminary, the books can be sold by the seminary on ebay or through other sources as a means of raising additional funds to support the seminary.

Fourth, another way the seminary would like to assist it's students is by providing free books for seminary classes when available and paid by friends of the seminary. If you are interested in either buying these books directly and shipping them to the seminary or providing funds directly to the seminary for this cause, please let us know.

Finally, the seminary would be very pleased with anyone who would like to provide funds to the seminary for general expenses. However, our primary goal is to provide assistance to our students and we would like those who are interested in partnering with us to keep that foremost in their prayers and financial support. Thank you for your interest in assisting Andrewes Hall. Please let us know if you would like additional information on any of the programs mentioned above.

Almighty God, the Giver of all good gifts, who of thy divine providence hast appointed diverse Orders in thy Church; Give thy grace, we humbly beseech thee, to all those who are to be called to any office and administration in the same; and so replenish them with the truth of thy doctrine, and endue them with innocency of life, that they may faithfully serve before thee, to the glory of thy great Name, and the benefit of thy holy Church; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Reformed Episcopal Church prayer book 2003, page 60 –
for those about to be ordained)

If you are interested in sending funds to the seminary, please use the following address:

Andrewes Hall
PO Box 56415
Phoenix, AZ 85079

If you would like the funds applied to a specific program, please note this on your check.

If you are interested in shipping any books directly to the seminary, please use the Contact Us page for shipping instructions before sending any books to us. Thank you.

Your donations are tax deductible in the USA. Andrewes Hall is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization.